What’s all this about then?

I’m Stephanie Goulden and I’m just finishing my final year at university studying Creative Writing and English Literature. So it should be pretty obvious my passion is books; reading books, writing books, just generally holding them. I think that someone should seriously try to bottle the smell of books if they haven’t already. I’d buy it in a heartbeat and use it for air freshener. My book shelves have been through so much rearrangement I can’t even remember where I put everything originally.

It’s come to a time in my life where I’m not entirely sure what the next step for me is. I’ve never been sure what I want to do. Well, not specifically.  I’ve always known I want to write but I like to think I’m realistic enough to realise that unless I create the next hit, it’s unlikely that I can live completely off the novels I plan to produce. All I know is I want to work with books, publishing them, selling them, doing something where I can be surrounded by the thing that I love; stories. Yet, it has also come to my attention that this is also not so easy. You need contacts and experience and I haven’t had much a chance at either. Not yet.

Something all the careers advisors I’ve seen have told me is how beneficial it is to have a blog. Somewhere you can put yourself out there, somewhere you can put your writing so that people can get an idea of you and your style.

So this is what I’m doing. Mind you, it won’t really be about me. I don’t think I have too much going on in my life that’s interesting enough for people to want to read. That’s probably why I write, it definitely makes for more interesting reading than my regular routine. But maybe I’ll find something to talk about…

I’m going to be using this space to write book reviews. My opinions shall be laid out for the world. Which is scary when you think about it.

It will mainly be Young Adult novels since I’m in a faze of reading them. Covering a wide range of genres, but right at this moment, it’s fairy tale retelling’s and the fantasy genre that has my attention. I may include a couple of books I’ve read for my course; classics and novels that I’ve never heard of outside the seminar rooms.

I doubt I’ll ever completely leave the YA section of the storytelling world. The YA section of a book store has more diversity than I think people realise. These novels deal with real life issues in a way that makes them relatable and engaging to younger readers (and older ones). Not to mention how many young women are presented as the heroes of these stories – Katniss Everdeen probably being one of the most famous examples. There was an interview with Lindsey Morgan from The 100 that I saw floating around that really stuck out for me where she said – “say what you want about young-adult fiction, I don’t care, you’re opening up doors for females to be action stars.” And well… she’s not wrong. I love the agency that young women are given in these novels and I hope to be able to replicate it in my own fiction.

And so that’s probably enough of me for now. Hopefully I’ll be able to keep up this blog as I’m about to hit a very busy time in my university career. Fingers crossed!


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