I’m Going Back to University!

Hello! So, I don’t normally post about my personal life on here but something big is coming up in my life and I got inspired. I’m going back to university to do a Master’s Degree! Specifically a Publishing Masters; watch out world, if this all works out I’ll be involved with books like never before.

But before all that I’ve begun the long process of collecting everything I’ll need to once again live without my parents. I’m literally being transported back four years, except this time I already had most of my stuff ready because I kept most of my old stuff from my undergrad.

Though a Master’s degree is completely different from undergrad, I’ve found that there are only a few differences when preparing to once again move away from home and jump into education.

  • Funding it yourself – unlike before this time I’ve had to save like crazy, there’s isn’t the same loan scheme as there is for undergrad. You used to have to save to pay for both your accommodation AND course fees by yourself, yet luckily for me Britain now has a Master’s loan scheme in place. Meaning I could request up to £10,280, which makes a massive difference as it manages to cover both my fees and living. Another bonus to this is you pay it back much like the undergrad loan, a percentage is taken from your wage when you start earning £21,000+ on top of what you will already pay for your previous loan. A little daunting, but for someone like me, utterly worth it. Or I hope so.
  • Finding Accommodation – Again, it is not a given that new Master’s students will jump into student accommodation, I am a fully fledged adult now (apparently) and it is my responsibility to come up with my own place to stay. However since I’m moving so far away, I am going into the accommodation provided, thankfully they have one aimed at Postgrads with longer tenancies. I didn’t really have the same experience of a proper uni flat in my first year, so maybe this is an experience I need. As long as I don’t get stuck with party crazy freshers, since I am there to advance myself into a career, so people like me would be appreciated because I desperately need to make some friends while there.
  • A More Practical Course – This is something that actually drew me to the course. It boasted of being hands on and practical, gaining skills which you will be actively able to use in the Publishing world. A bonus for a girl who hasn’t had much opportunity to gain experience in this industry. It is, however, going to be so different from my Literature and Creative Writing undergrad. I hope I will survive it. These are also people who have chosen to do this, they want more education, they are paying for this, so I imagine that everyone will be more focused and driven to learn everything they can. Including me.
  • I Know What I Need –  I’ve lived by myself before, so I know exactly what I need to move away, unlike last time where I relied on my sister’s knowledge. You have no idea how much I want to buy a mixing bowl, because I went without one last time and had to borrow my friends anytime I wanted to bake (which was frequently). Also! Always take more than one plate and bowl, it’s not only practical for guests, but also because sometimes you just forget to wash up and it’s nice to have a clean one in the cupboard when that cereal bowl is still stewing in the sink.
  • I Have to Use a Building Laundry Room, Thingy –  I was lucky in my houses during university, they all had a private washing machine, it’s totally different this time as where I’m going I have to use the building laundry room and pay for the use of one. This means that I’m going to invest in a piggy bank, purely for all my loose change so I can always wash my clothes. It’s just good sense.

As of right now those are literally the only things I know that are different. It feels just like it did before, except this time I’m going over 200 miles away, without a best friend beside me. SO much has changed in the past year for me, some good some bad, and a lot has happened even though it seems like barely anything did. Nevertheless, I’m ready to go and be a more independent person. I can feel the urge to fly the nest growing, even though I’m terrified of being well and truly alone in a new city, bigger and busier than I’ve ever lived in. Yet, I know that it will all be worth it if I finally get a job I’m passionate about.

T-minus 25 days and counting!


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